Learn How To Talk To Animals - A Practical Guide for a Magical Journey

Whether you aspire to be a professional animal communicator, want to talk to the animals for fun, or simply wish to understand animal communication better, this unique book is for you. Leta Worthington has distilled her 25 years of experience into an easy-to-read yet complete guide. Learn How to Talk to Animals answers commonly asked questions like: "What is animal communication?" “How does it work?” and "How is talking with animals different?" You’ll find insights as to why opening the heart and learning to use the brain differently are important for ensuring success, as well as practical instruction for expanding your subtle awareness. Many other compelling topics, such as the dos and don’ts of animal communication, are covered as well, but if you're eager to dive in you can skip to Part Two and start practicing with Leta’s step-by-step guidance. Verbatim case histories and fascinating true stories will spur your confidence and enthusiasm. This book is a one-stop-shop for anyone ready to experience the magical journey of animal talk.
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... Susan, Santa Fe, NM

"For me, Leta's book was a refreshing walk through the way animals communicate with humans, and how we, as humans can learn to communicate with animals. Imbued with humor, pathos and a lifelong knowledge and intuition of animals, Leta takes you through some interesting case studies in the course of teaching people what they need to know to understand what their animals might be saying. The book resonates with truth while offering real practical advice, and Leta's conversational style will appeal to a wide audience of animal lovers. It also makes you realize that many can have the gift of speaking to animals, not just a rarified few. Kudos on a wonderful, entertaining and informative read!"

... Mary, Denver, CO

I ordered this book thinking that I would get a few "tips" on animal communication. What a surprise to find myself completely drawn into the world of figuring out how to communicate with my horses! This book conveys a clear sense of how sensitive our animals are and how much we have to learn about how (and if) they wish to communicate with us. I started the book assuming that one could just strike up a conversation, just maybe in a different manner. But I was humbled to learn (and accept) that we really are so presumptuous, us humans. It made complete sense to me as Leta Worthington described the importance of asking permission to communicate. This book is written in a warm, caring and completely knowledgeable tone and I found myself learning not only about what my horses may need to communicate but how I could learn a much better, holistic approach to them. This book is not lengthy but contains a wealth of information. I'll pick it up and read it over and over and maybe, someday, make it to one of Leta Wothington's workshops! If you want to expand who you are, this book is worth your time.

... Stephanie, Redwood Valley, CA

If you have ever wanted to learn how to communicate with your animals, Leta's book is one of the best. She has been an animal communicator for years, and I have relied on her skills personally for years. I have also learned a lot from her about how to communicate with my own animals, and I can tell you that she definitely knows her stuff. Her book, "Learn How to Talk to Animals" will give you a practical step-by-step guide for communicating with animals. Not only will she teach you how to get into the right frame of mind for such a communication, but she covers the the exact process. This book addresses not only the very real possibility and benefits of communicating with your animals, but also reveals potential pitfalls to avoid. The content also helps you troubleshoot if you get "stuck." Your animals will thank you on so many levels if you learn to listen to them, to hear them, to act on their needs. You will develop such a deeper communication with your animals after you read this book. You will get along better and probably have a lot of "aha!" moments along the way. You will very likely emerge with a lot more insight into how the animals in your life see you and see their lives. And you will realize that animal communication is truly real, and something to which we humans could really aspire. It's a great easy read power-packed with good down-to-earth instructions. If you want to learn to communicate with animals, start here!

The Case of the Bedridden Bunny - The Adventures of Sally Salazar, Teenage Pet Psychic

\Sally Salazar can talk to animals! This is the story of how she discovered her talent. When nine-year-old Sally goes over to play at her best friend Esperanza’s house one afternoon, she discovers she can talk to — and hear! — Herman, Esperanza’s very sick, lop-eared bunny rabbit. Because of Sally’s sudden revelation that she can see and hear what Herman is showing and telling her, the two of them together, with the help of Esperanza’s mother, rescue the bedridden bunny from a surely fatal fate! Based upon the author’s 20+ years of practice as an animal communicator, this charming story for children ages six to ten accurately portrays the process of animal communication and how it works when Sally has her first of many such experiences. Watch for more in the Sally Salazar, Teenage Pet Psychic, series!

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